Take It to The Dealer, Or Take A Chance?

Last year I bought a used SUV. A solid vehicle with low miles and a clear Carfax report. What I didn’t know at the time was how expensive it would be every time it came within spitting distance of the dealer’s service department. Why so expensive you ask? It was a BMW. Known for their … Continue reading Take It to The Dealer, Or Take A Chance?

Customer Service Part 1

Testing the claims of 100% money back guarantee. Have you made the decision to eat healthier? My family has and we’re making the slow transition away from unhealthy eating. During this transition it requires a certain amount of experimenting with unknown ‘healthy’ alternative products. It’s a leap of faith sometimes based on the reviews you … Continue reading Customer Service Part 1

Unfriendly Skies Part 2

After my plans of arriving home after a long business trip were thwarted by the first-class passengers not getting their catering, I wrote a letter to United Airlines voicing my displeasure. The only thing I wanted was an answer to this question: “Is it policy to hold up the flight for the convenience of the … Continue reading Unfriendly Skies Part 2