Take It to The Dealer, Or Take A Chance?

Last year I bought a used SUV. A solid vehicle with low miles and a clear Carfax report. What I didn’t know at the time was how expensive it would be every time it came within spitting distance of the dealer’s service department. Why so expensive you ask? It was a BMW. Known for their … Continue reading Take It to The Dealer, Or Take A Chance?

Audible Response in the Houston Area

My colleagues at Audible, ACX, and I watched the terrible news about Hurricane Harvey with the same sense of "What can we do to help?" that so many others had. We've noted publishers making books available to schools, libraries and shelters in the area and applaud their efforts. We wanted you to know that we've … Continue reading Audible Response in the Houston Area

Giving Back to the Community

I recently donated a copy of my book The Next to my local public library. It is an awesome library in my opinion. This is the very nice letter they wrote me. Dear Mike, On behalf of myself, the board of trustees and the staff of the Daniel Boone Regional Library, I would like to … Continue reading Giving Back to the Community