You Know Sybil. Now Meet Peaches

Peaches was having a rough month already. Three weeks late on the rent, her truck wouldn’t start and her creepy ass child molesting uncle Earl was getting out of jail next week. Now her friend and former exotic dancing girlfriend Danielle informed her that she was getting married to the love of her life Luther Smith. This she assumed would put an end to the semi romantic trysts between she and Luther. But Danielle hadn’t caught them yet, so maybe nothing would change.

Peaches knew she was overweight but couldn’t seem to shake the bad habits that kept her from losing weight. In high school she was one of the pretty girls. She was thin, long blond hair from a box and padded bras just in case the hair didn’t grab the boy’s attention. Bad grades in high school kept her from getting into the local Community College, not that she was ever destined for the limelight that an Associate degree would provide. Peaches had been tending bar at a local strip club and knew that she wanted to be an exotic dancer. Her uncle would let her tend the bar while underage, but she wasn’t allowed to dance until she was eighteen.

Once she was finally able to strut her stuff on the dance floor it was evident that she had no knack for the profession. She had fallen off the pole a few times, had fallen on patrons a few more times. She blamed it on the lights, the heat, the drugs that kept flowing through the club. The excuses were limitless, but her chances weren’t.

Sure, men came to the club to see boobs. Peaches had two of those. But they also came to see a woman swing from a pole and slither on the stage in a way their wives could never understand. Peaches stumbled, fell, danced out of sync with the music and just didn’t have what it took. So her uncle put her in charge of running the private rooms the club wasn’t supposed to have, according to the liquor license anyway.

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