I work from home, so my land line and cell phone are also my business phones. When it rings I answer it. Could be an existing client or a new one.  The number of robocalls are starting to outnumber the legitimate calls.

According to one article, over sixteen billion robocalls have been placed in the US since the start of 2018. Guess what, election season will be heating up soon and the robocalls will increase exponentially. Prepare yourself for “Hi, I’m candidate…” ten times a day.

What can you do? You can try, but there are no guarantees. For your land line the National Do Not Call Registry is supposed to stop sales calls. However, it does not stop robocalls or political related robocalls or surveys. For cell phones you can search your app store for “robocall blocker”. You’ll get plenty of results to choose from Do your research and read reviews before trying any of them out. Sometimes it’s good to read the terms of service agreements. I’m going to try out Hiya. Let me know if you find a good one and please share your results.

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