Lyrid Meteor Shower

When people say they live out in the sticks, I get an image of banjo playing weirdos and a young Burt Reynolds. I don’t live in the city or in the sticks. Somewhere in the comfortable middle of the two. I don’t hear the noise and see the bright lights of the city, it’s a short commute though. I also don’t worry if I hear banjo music outside. Well, maybe a little.

One of the best things about living outside the city lights is that it gets really dark after the sun fully sets. On a clear night the bright stars are like having our own personal Imax theater seat. Picking out a few constellations and marveling at the endless number of stars is worth the price of admission.

Even better than star gazing is gathering outside as a family to watch meteor showers. Lying on the sidewalk, in a lounge chair or in the back of a truck. A comfortable position to look towards the sky is all you need.

The Lyrid meteor shower will be best viewed from the northern hemisphere on the nights of April 21st and 22nd. Click on a couple of the links below for more detailed information in your area.

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