Customer Service Part 1

Testing the claims of 100% money back guarantee. Have you made the decision to eat healthier? My family has and we’re making the slow transition away from unhealthy eating.
During this transition it requires a certain amount of experimenting with unknown ‘healthy’ alternative products. It’s a leap of faith sometimes based on the reviews you read on Amazon. A couple of months ago we purchased two products from the Lakanto corporation. Lakanto Drinking Chocolate and Lakanto Maple Flavored Sugar-Free Syrup.
This morning my son was having waffles for breakfast. I reached into the cabinet for the syrup and pulled out the bottle of Lakanto syrup. We had all tried this syrup after the purchase and came to the same conclusion. It was terrible and shouldn’t be for human consumption. When I tried to hand him the bottle this morning he politely declined. That reaction inspired me to leave a review of the two Lakanto products we had recently purchased.
I left my reviews which I’ll put into the second part of this article. I started browsing the other one star reviews and came across this review which was nearly the same as my experience:
I was so excited to try this product after hearing great reviews. I made myself a mug of hot chocolate, and after 2 drinks ( i took 2 drinks because i couldn’t believe the 1st drink was so gross) dumped the drink down the sink drain and ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I don’t know what to describe the aftertaste as other than disgusting. Head my warning! Do not buy!!!
Even more interesting than the review, was the comment from the product seller.
Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy our Drinking Chocolate. Please reach out to us directly via your Amazon Orders portal and we will get you a full refund. Our No-Risk Guarantee promises to deliver 100% satisfaction or your money back.
Time to write an email to customer support.

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