Short Story Part Two

One minute she’s getting into the shower, and now this.

Nigel said that she could continue moving forward, or she could go backward. Forward and backwards to what? None of this made sense to Kate. Hearing her options again didn’t make a difference to the confusion. She tried to think back to what had happened to her. Had she slipped a banged her head on the shower?

Kate kept delving deeper into her confusion, forcing herself to remember what had happened. No matter what she tried to think of, she always ended up back at the shower door. Testing the water temperature, and then the memory ends. She tried harder, went back further. More detail this time. Breakfast that morning, then a few hours working outside, then the water…and the memory was gone. Again. Breakfast was cereal, she thought about working in the garden, the water temperature…dammit. Breakfast was cereal and two cups of coffee, weed eater around the rose garden then into the vegetable garden to pull weeds. The shower, the water was…She couldn’t concentrate. Did she even make it to the water? There was too much information, but she couldn’t concentrate on the relevant information that would allow her to remember what happened. Breakfast was, no, breakfast had nothing to do with this. She knew she was here because of something involving her work outside and the shower.  

Nigel watched his client with a patient and experienced eye. He knew that she was trying to work something out. He had seen many clients do the same thing. But sometimes it seemed like rational thoughts were difficult. It seemed that anger and confusion were the only things that he saw out of clients. Those were the predominant emotions that he saw, with begging for forgiveness and confessing of past transgressions rounding out the most common things.

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