Resolutions Or Lack Thereof

I never understood why people make new years resolutions. Why would you wait until the new calendar year to: lose weight, make a budget, start working out, start saving money, stop smoking. All of those are good ideas, they also require lifestyle changes to make them work. But they don’t require a new calendar year to start them.
Last year I stopped drinking soda. I believe it was in May. I was considering my overall health, started reading labels and couldn’t come up with a good reason to continue putting that poison in my body.
That change can be infectious to those around you too. While my family members still drink soda, it is less when they see someone else setting a healthy example. When we go out to eat we all drink tea or water. Water has the added benefit of being free.
Didn’t need a calendar to make that call. What will you change today to benefit your health and to set an example?

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