Book of the Year Part 1

Going through the list of books that I’ve read this year is a daunting task in itself. To narrow that down to pick a favorite, that will take more than one Saturday morning to decide. Here’s the list in no particular order. No, my book is not in the list. I would surly pick it, but I’ll settle for a shameless plug instead. Mike Miracle. The Nex

1.       John Sandford. Golden Prey

2.       Stephen King. The Gunslinger

3.       Stephen King. Mr. Mercedes

4.       Stephen King. Finders Keepers

5.       Stephen King. End of Watch

6.       Joe Hill. The Fireman

7.       William Davis. Wheat Belly. Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

8.       Stephen King. Roadwork

9.       M.R. Cary. Girl With All the Gifts

10.   Jonathan Kellerman. Guilt

11.   Jonathan Kellerman. Victims

12.   Lee Child. Night School

13.   Jo Nesbo. Midnight Sun

14.   Michael Connelly. The Wrong Side of Goodbye

15.   Jonathan Kellerman. Mystery

16.   Carl Hiaasen. Razor Girl

17.   Laura McHugh. Arrowoo

18.   Jim Butcher. Working for Bigfoot

19.   John Grisham. King of Torts

20.   John Grisham. The Whistler

21.   John Grisham. Camino Island

22.   David Baldacci. The Fix

23.   David Baldacci. The Last Mile

24.   Stephen King. The Long Walk

25.   C.J. Box. Paradise Valley

26.   C.J. Box. Badlands

27.   Justin Cronin. The City of Mirrors

28.   David Baldacci. Guilty

29.   Karin Slaughter. The Kept Woman

30.   Karin Slaughter. Pretty Girls

31.   Michael Connelly. The Late Show

32.   Paula Hawkins. The Girl on the Train

33.   Stephen King. The Waste Lands

34.   Stephen King. The Drawing of the Thre

I didn’t start off the year keeping a list of all the books that I’ve read, so this list of 34 from memory will have to do. Some books are old, some are new, most were borrowed…

I’ll tackle the first seventeen by picking the five best and worst.The worst:

Jo Nesbo. Midnight Sun

I really like Nesbo. His books outside of the Harry Hole series have been less than stellar. Midnight Sun was a directionless and confusing. Perhaps something was lost in the translation from Norwegian?  

Joe Hill. The Fireman

What could go wrong here? Stephen King’s son, I have plenty of King’s books in the library. Like other Hill books, this one started off well. But it should have ended as a short story, instead of the long flaming piece of… Well, you get the idea.

Laura McHugh. Arrowood

I had high hopes for Laura’s second book. If I had to pick one word to describe this book it would be boring. Boring town that it was set in, boring characters, boring story that continually got stuck with meaningless flashbacks every time that it seemed to get better.

I know I said I’d pick five, honestly those are the only three bad books. The rest don’t deserve a place at the kiddie table of bad books.

The best:

John Sandford. Golden Prey

Lucas Davenport is now a US Marshal. Two baddies in this one, each could carry a novel on their own. Lucas settling into his new position, all while hunting and being hunted.

Stephen King. The Gunslinger

I actually saw the movie before reading the book. As always, the book is much better. The story in the book is different and more graphic.

M.R. Cary. Girl With All the Gifts

This is not the type of book I usually read. It’s a zombie book. But It’s a very good story, so I can overlook the children that will eat the teachers if given a chance.

Carl Hiaasen. Razor Girl

This was a fun book. Weird in places, good characters and a detective that had been busted down to Health Inspector.

Michael Connelly. The Wrong Side of Goodbye

A book in the Harry Bosch series is always a good read.  Bosch is now a Private Eye, trying to solve a murder and find any aires to a fortune.

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