Velcro Dogs

You know, that one dog that’s always on alert when you’re on the move through the house. You make a trip to the refrigerator and they’re on your hip like a secret service agent. Walking down the steps, they’re right there looking for danger. Well, maybe not looking for danger. They’re just curious, bored, or perhaps it’s a trait of their particular breed?
Here are the top ten Velcro dogs from
Australian sheepdog
German Shepherd
Great Pyrenees
Labrador Retriever
St. Bernard
Staffordshire Terrier
I had never heard of a Kuvasz. That’s the wet dog pictured at the top of the article. They’re similar in size to a Great Pyrenees. It is interesting that most of the dogs on this list are monsters. The Australian Sheepdog and Sheltie are the only two medium sized breeds.
Dogs can learn from past experiences and they’ll stick to a person based on what they’ve learned. They know which person is most likely to play, who will go on a fun adventure in the woods or who is most likely to give them a treat.
How can you curb this behavior? Physical barriers in your home. Teach your dog to stay. If it’s anxiety, help your dog build confidence. Play games, praise them and more exercise is something that we could all use.

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