Unfriendly Skies Part 2

After my plans of arriving home after a long business trip were thwarted by the first-class passengers not getting their catering, I wrote a letter to United Airlines voicing my displeasure. The only thing I wanted was an answer to this question:
“Is it policy to hold up the flight for the convenience of the first-class passengers?”
I also stated:
“I don’t want any freaking useless airline miles out of this. I want an answer to my questions.”
So, what do I get in return? Of course, I get a “travel certificate, valid towards the purchase of one electronic airline ticket”. The very type of thing I didn’t want.
Response from United Airlines:

Dear Mr. Miracle:

I realize how disappointing it must’ve been to miss your connecting flight Columbia, and I’m very sorry your travel plans were interrupted.

Please be advise, the Captain of the aircraft will make the final decision on the situation. I’ll pass along your comments so we can review our policies. We do our best to accommodate late-arriving customers when we can, but we’d like to leave on time for all our passengers. I want you to know that our staff is there for you to help you find a revised travel plan and offer overnight amenities during these unexpected situations.

As a gesture of concern, I will send you a $150 travel certificate that will arrive to your email address within 72 business hours. It is my hope that you will accept our apology and enjoy using the certificate at some point in the near future, thereby giving us the opportunity to win back your trust.

We do appreciate your feedback and welcome the opportunity to provide better service for you the next time you fly with United.


Customer Care

Is she throwing the incompetent pilot under the bus, or plane as it was?

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