Fly The Unfriendly Skies

A couple of weeks ago my flight from Boston to Chicago was held up for over 50 minutes. We were on the plane still at the gate for that time. Sitting, waiting, watching the time. Many passengers in the back had connecting flights to make. I had one too. A 45-minute layover in Chicago, then I would get on the flight to Columbia, Mo. I’d have all day Sunday to spend with my family. It was a good plan.

Back to the delay at Boston. It wasn’t mechanical, it wasn’t weather related. It was really something that I’d never heard of before. They held the plane at the gate 50 minutes past normal departure time because somebody forgot the catering. Yep, catering. Myself and many other passengers missed their flights because it was clearly more important that the first-class passengers get their chicken dinner (or whatever they were eating).

So tell me, is it commonplace for United Airlines to play class warfare when dealing with passengers?

I don’t want any freaking useless airline miles out of this. I want an answer to my questions. Is it policy to hold up the flight for the convenience of the first-class passengers?

The crew made no attempt to help passengers make their connecting flights. On other airlines, I have seen the attendants personally engaging with passengers that were on a tight schedule. Telling them the gate number and calling ahead to possibly delay the next flight.

You know what I was told by a gate agent? First, she told me the wrong gate. I asked about holding up the other flight because I was on my way. She gave me an I don’t care attitude and suggested that I ‘run for the gate’.

Not happy. I Will have a hard time choosing United again.

This was my letter to United Airlines. I don’t expect an answer. Customer service is not a concern for any company that I’ve dealt with in recent years. Not my first or last airline bad experience. How about your worst?

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