Giving Back to the Community

I recently donated a copy of my book The Next to my local public library. It is an awesome library in my opinion. This is the very nice letter they wrote me.

Dear Mike,

On behalf of myself, the board of trustees and the staff of the Daniel Boone Regional Library, I would like to thank you for the kind donation of The Next. We greatly appreciate you making this book available to the community.

Each day, an average of 2,228 people visits our library facilities, and countless others use our various online or outreach services. Most come into the library to check out a book, attend a program or use a service. Others benefit from outreach programs like the bookmobiles. Still some access the library’s vast resources online in their homes. Regardless, each person benefits greatly from the free, easily accessible, and life-changing information found through the library.

Gifts from the community make this resource possible and make our community a better place. Thank you again for your donation to the Daniel Boone Regional Public Library’s collection.


Library Director (yes, I omitted her name)

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