Cover Reveal and Launch Date

The Next will be available at all major online booksellers on Tuesday 05/23/2017. Amazon, B&N, itunes and yes GoRead.

I’m very excited to share my tale of revenge and Sci Fi with the rest of the world.

Thanks to all. Here’s a preview with page 1. I hope you’ll want to continue to see what happens Next…

Chapter 1

Cold does not describe weather that fateful night in December.
It was the time of the year that puts a chill deep in your bones after
the sun goes down. As Malcolm Fisk sat in that frigid hiding place
while hunting, the weight of the situation and circumstances grew
He wasn’t hunting a deer or any other beast that men usually lay
in wait for in the cold of winter. He was waiting, watching for what
he considered to be the most reprehensible being on the planet. This
bastard, this evil that used to be his friend and business partner.
Malcolm glanced around while pulling his scarf closer to his
neck, and tightening his coat to shield him from the blistering wind.
There was a coy pond at the end of a long, poorly lit driveway. It
was there he picked his spot behind a large piece of Italian stone
that had, according to his business partner, “fallen off the back of
a truck.”
Malcolm was no saint. He had “acquired” items in a similar
manner. But right now, Malcolm didn’t give a damn about anything
except getting rid of his disgusting partner.
When the headlights swept around the corner, it was time to take
his revenge. Thoughts from his semi-religious upbringing echoed
in his mind that revenge was never a good idea. But he knew deep
down in places we don’t talk about that he needed to do this.

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