Revenge on United Airlines

Hating airlines isn’t a new thing, but it’s definitely popular right now. But first a funny story.

My wife bought a new water feature for the back patio. It was cool looking, I liked it, but it was missing something. The pipes, the water… Ahh, now I get it. It’s missing Mario. Yes, I went out and spent $3.00 on a Mario figurine for a gag picture. How much would you spend?

This revenge story hits close to home for me. No I’ve never been part of a Canadian folk-pop group, mostly because nobody ever asked me to. I own a Taylor acoustic guitar that’s featured/broken in this story of revenge.

In 2008 the Canadian group Sons of Maxwell discovered that one of their guitars was broken after flying the friendly skies of United Airlines. They denied any responsibility, and ignored his phone calls.

The guitarist, Dave Carrol got his revenge by recording a trilogy of songs titled “United Breaks Guitars”. Uploaded them to the interweb and got over 4 million views. I think that’s worth $2 in Canadian money? Anyone care to dive deeper into the exchange rate?

They claim that the stock price went down after the songs were released. True or not, United would have been better off paying the $1,200 in repair costs. Any publicity is good publicity isn’t always true.

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