Revenge Needs A Spellcheck

They say revenge is best served cold. Does it also need to be served with a side of spellcheck?

A story from NC about a guy who just wanted to spray paint his girlfriend’s car, then go get stoned. Apparently, she was a “cheeter”.

Timothy Lee Trammell, 36, is charged with vandalism of property and possession of marijuana by the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

A deputy says he was driving past the Kelly One Stop store on Jonesville Road in Jonesville around 7:20 p.m. Friday. The incident reports shows the deputy saw a man crouched beside a car that had the word “cheeter” painted across the passenger side.

The deputy says Trammell was holding a can of spray paint when he saw him and he tried to run away. The deputy says he caught Trammell, recovered the spray paint can and put the man under arrest.

The incident report states Trammell told deputies he wanted to get back at his former girlfriend who worked at that store.

This incident of vandalism first confused authorities. “Wore” was scratched into woman’s car.

Police arrested a Stamford woman who they think was seeking revenge on her ex-boyfriend and a former female friend over suspicions they were hooking up when she vandalized their cars. But she apparently misspelled “whore” in key marks on her ex-friend’s car, police said.

Someone keyed the cars and punctured the tires of the ex-boyfriend and ex-friend of Shannon Csapilla, 20, of Stamford, early morning on Aug. 7, police said. She is the suspected culprit, according to police. “Wore” was scratched into her female friend’s car and police presumed “h” was missing after the “w,” which gave police a hint at a possible motive, police said.

When questioned by authorities she denied all involvement in the crime. But apparently, her criminal mastermind skills still need some work. She had sent text messages to her ex admitting that she was the one who scratched “Wore” into the car.



Kids, stay in…


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