Live and Maybe Censored

I have a live interview on Tuesday 3/21/2017. We’ll be discussing my upcoming book ‘The Next’. And if there’s time I’ll bring up a fundraising idea I have for a book festival in October.   The website is http://www.artistfirst*dot*com. The substitution of *dot*com for .com is necessary to reach the actual site.

If I don’t make that change whatever poster sized picture they have on their website will consume your page.

So, here’s the part where it gets complicated. Once you make it to their website you have to click on the link “Click for Live Windows Media Player Signal”


Depending on your browser (I’m using Chrome) you may get the message:


Choose “Keep” and it will present you with another button to click on:


That will open up the “How do you want to open this file” from your PC.


If Windows Media Player is selected choose OK.

That will finally open the media player:


If you’ve gotten this far, keep listening. My interview will be at 6pm eastern standard time.

I’ll be interviewed by station President Tony Kay.

Don’t know if they have a seven second delay or a dump button? Since it’s the interweb they might not need it???

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