Daylight Savings Where Did My Hour Go

So, as I sat down to write this I had this internal struggle with which way the clock was going. Backwards means more sleep, forward means there’s a two-week adjustment to getting less sleep. Great, it’s the latter. Except for Arizona and Hawaii, and some parts of Indiana. You can leave your clocks alone tonight like we all should.


Ben Franklin once joked that ‘it would save candles’. I’m not sure that’s a valid reason these days. It’s not even valid in the communities that use candles. The Amish don’t recognize daylight savings.

The only good thing about daylight savings is that it is a reminder to all of us to change the batteries in our smoke detectors.

Get them all. Don’t just replace the one in the hallway or the one near the kid’s room. Get them all!

I have 6 smoke detectors plus 1 carbon monoxide detector.

Now I must run out and buy an 8 pack of 9 volt batteries.

I know the article main picture has nothing to do with daylight savings time. It’s just a really good picture of a blooming Almond tree at my house. It keeps me from looking outside at the current inch of snow on the ground.

smoke this

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