Book Cover Battle Royale

Welcome book fans, the time is finally here. The battle of book covers is about to begin. 4 book covers will enter, only 1 will be victorious. Let’s go down where the action is to find out who will participate in this slugfest.

  1. White exploding scope image.nextsample1-1
  2. Exploding black scope in space.nextsample2
  3. Exploding black scope over blue.nextsample3
  4. Exploding doors. nextsample6

One of these book covers has to win. Post your favorite, or favorites in the comment section.

A little about the book: The Next. It’s Sci Fi, with maybe action/drama/thriller in the blender too.
One character lies in wait to seek revenge for his wife’s accidental death. Something goes wrong, or right depending on your perspective. The Sci Fi part is an alternate version of the afterlife called The Next. Where the newly arrived clients find out that they have a choice of what happens to them. They can move on, go back to their previous life or let chance decide.


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