The Grand Tour and Cord Cutting

One more reason of many to cut the cord of Cable or Satellite TV. I’m just about to pull the proverbial plug on DirecTV after a 5-year run. The equipment is becoming glitchy and it’s outdated by today’s newer standards. To receive new equipment, I’d have to agree to a contract that left me getting 200+ unwatchable channels for the next two years. Of the 200+ there are probably 3 that I would miss, but I can follow those online if I had to.
The only thing I will miss that will have to be replaced is the DVR. I have become quite spoiled with the super power of recording shows any night of the week. Then watch them when I want, and I get to skip the commercials. Not to fear, I have less than a week to research that. Black Friday then Cyber Monday will help me find one.
So what will I do for TV entertainment?
1. Purchased 1byone 50 Miles Amplified HDTV Antenna. That will cover the 4 major networks plus some random stuff. I can pick up 4 different public broadcasting channels, somewhere around 15 total HD channels. All for the price of a $30 antenna, and I don’t need a two-person team to adjust the direction for signal strength like when I was a kid.
2. Find a DVR. I need one that will record over the air broadcast that doesn’t require a subscription.
3. I have a subscription to Amazon Prime and the Fire TV box. That allows me to stream many movies and original programs like The Grand Tour and Bosch. The Fire box also allows me to use other apps. Crackle is a free one that has a lot of old TV shows and movies available. I’ll also give Netflix a look, and lastly there’s Sling TV. Sling streams many of the channels that I currently watch on DirecTV. The only drawback to Sling is that broadcasts live, and there currently is no DVR.
I can bundle several online subscriptions, use my own DVR and over the air antenna for under half the price of DirecTV. All with no commitment.
Oh yes, a quick review of The Grand Tour. I was a big fan of their show on the BBC network. I’m a car guy so I enjoy things like Car Talk on NPR and the old BBC Top Gear. The story was the after Clarkson, May and Hammond left the BBC show they were given many millions of dollars to produce a similar show for Amazon.
I don’t know exactly how much money they had spent, but they did a brilliant job. The 1 hour 11-minute commercial free broadcast of the first Grand Tour was able to recreate the chemistry the three presenters had from their old show. I was very pleased with the show, and fans of the old Top Gear will be as well.

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