Trial By Fire

Have you ever watched someone do something and thought “I could do that”? Plenty of armchair quarterbacks out there that think they could have made the throw that Tom Brady just missed.

I unfortunately have that same inherent male gene that puts thoughts like that into my head.

But sometimes situations will make you access that part of your brain and it’s not always a bad thing. You see a situation and think to yourself “I’ve seen that done, I think I can do it”. Skydiving is not a candidate for that, nor is any type of surgery.

I have watched our Farrier put shoes on and take shoes off of our horses at least 10 times. You can crosstie a horse or you can have somebody stand in front of the horse holding them by the halter. He prefers by the halter and since I work from home I’m the designated holder of the halter. He does this for a living and makes it all look easy.

So last night we noticed that one of the shoes on Mitch was loose and looked like it was going to come off. It’s bad if the shoe comes off on its own. It can damage the hoof.

I thought to myself “I’ve seen that done, I think I can do it”.

Two steps to removing the shoe.

  1. Rasp off the clinches. Clinches are the folded part of the nail in the top of the hoof.
  2. Pick up the horse’s foot, slowly pry the shoe with a pair of pull offs (giant pliers). Remove the nails and the shoe will come off.

The end result was that the shoe came off. It took a little while longer than the Farrier. And I got to close while rasping, he kneed me in the head. Not the first time I’ve been hit in the head, probably not the last either.

This isn’t supposed to be a lesson in how to remove a horse shoe. It’s more about having confidence in yourself. Believing that if you set your mind to it you can accomplish goals and resolve problems.

Just remember to keep your head clear of any fast moving objects.

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