The Little Kicks

It was 20 years ago today that the show Seinfeld aired the episode “The Little Kicks”. Featuring some of the more memorable moments from season 8 of the show.

The show starts off with Elaine dancing at a company party. Thumbs flying awkwardly and feet to match. George described it as “full body dry heave set to music”.  If you don’t laugh out loud at the brilliant work of Julia Louise Dreyfus dancing, your funny bone must be broken. Get it checked.

Jerry finally gets a shot at the big time, he’s got a hidden talent for bootlegging movies. When Kramer’s bootlegging friend falls ill, because he ate an entire bag of candy, Jerry takes over filming after the threat of a silver revolver. “I’m a joke maker.” Jerry Seinfeld.

George becomes the bad boy, gets the girl despite the orthopedic back pillow in his father’s GTO. He then of course loses the girl when she figures out that he’s not ‘the bad seed’ she thought he was. Crying will hurt that image.

The episode ends with a duel of words and fists between Frank Costanza and Elaine. ‘Gold’ as Kenny Bania would call it.

This episode may be in the top 10. Here’s my top 5 Seinfeld episodes.

1.       The Strike. Festivus, the two faced girlfriend, the Human Fund charity, and trying to get that sub shop card back from Denim Vest. “Stop crying and fight your father”

2.       The Chicken Roaster. Jerry & Kramer swap apartments because of a neon red chicken sign. George introduces the strategy of leaving something behind to get a second date. And Newman is forced to try broccoli. “Vile Weed”

3.       The Soup Nazi. Jerry chooses soup over his girlfriend, Kramer gets mugged in his first encounter with Bob and Cedric. “No soup for you”!

4.       The Comeback. George goes to great lengths to deliver the mother of all comebacks, Jerry gets duped into buying an expensive racked off of the worst tennis player ever, Kramer enlists Elaine to be his executor and decide when to pull the plug.  “Well, the Jerk Store called, and they’re running out of you!”

5.       The Merv Griffin Show. Kramer finds the TV set for the Merv Griffin Show in a dumpster. He reconstructs it in his apartment where he has his friends come over as guest. George thought that he and the pigeons had ‘a deal’ until he ran over them. Then he must take care of an injured squirrel, despite the lack of a deal. Elaine tries to thwart a sidler. Jerry and George use turkey/gravy and a box of wine to put his girlfriend to sleep while they play with her antique toy collection.

Honorable mention: The Rye. The Bubble Boy. The Boyfriend part 1. The Little Jerry.

What’s your top 5?

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