Picture Day Revenge Day

A personal story, and a story about revenge. We all remember those days in school, and we all can’t recall our hair ever looking so strange until we’re presented with photographic evidence. The 70’s and 80’s were a bad time for children’s haircuts. Plenty of visual evidence no matter how hard you may try to destroy it. There’s always somebody you went to school with who decides that it’s a great idea to post a page out of the high school yearbook on Facebook. It’s all fun and games looking at your former classmates, until you come across your own picture you’d like to forget.

The hair, oh the 80’s hair. You look at it and it boggles the mind. Who did that to this child? Who hated this child? I remember my Aunt cut my hair, I really thought she like me. Maybe she had vision issues or it was revenge for something my parents did?

Now we come out of our trip from the past to present day. It’s picture day all over again.

I have written a book that will soon be available. Part of that process is me submitting an author picture for the back of the book.

This is difficult for a couple of reasons:

  • The image will be on the back of a book. This may be in homes around the world. It could be on a bookshelf in Belgium, it could be used to level out a table leg in Tulsa. And I have to choose the image of myself that I want to present to the world.
  • The other issue is that I don’t want to present the same image as other writers. Mock turtle neck, dark blazer and a really serious/mysterious look on their face. That’s been done. It’s not that I’m opposed to the serious author pose, I just wanted it to be a little different.

So I asked my wife what she thought about me dragging a chair from the living room out to the dock. Once she stopped laughing she said I should just take a picture and stop trying to make it some weird macabre style thing.

So, I did it anyway. With a stand in that’s much cuter than I am. I might have a bunch of pictures taken and let the interweb decide the best? What could possibly go wrong?

Since we’re dealing with pictures, how about a photographer that knows how to deal out some revenge.

Jessamyn Lovell was at a gallery in San Francisco in 2011 when her wallet was stolen. Shortly after the theft she saw charges on her credit cards from the thief. Instead of going to the authorities, which is what she totally should have done, she decided to play Nancy Drew.

With the help of a private detective she was able to track down the thief. She then proceeded to take pictures of the thief in and around town. She then used 34 of those images to create an exhibition in the same gallery where her wallet was stolen. She named the event ‘Dear Erin Hart’ after the thief. She also mailed an invitation to the thief. The thief got some time behind bars, and the photographer got some revenge.

What would you do if faced with the same situation as Jessamyn?

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