Revenge, The W’s

Revenge is defined by the Oxford Dictionaries as “the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands”.

The who, what, when, where and why.

Who takes revenge? The spouse, an ex, Genghis Kahn, a current boyfriend or girlfriend? Hollywood tries to portray revenge through some cheesy romantic comedy where a jilted significant other takes revenge through a series of events that are designed to make us laugh or cringe.

What is it taken upon? The innocent automobile. That long scratch down the side of a cheating boyfriend’s car. Physical harm to the person who inflicted the injury. The professional or online reputation of the perpetrator. Genghis Kahn took revenge upon an Emperor, and even rerouted a river to flood that Emperor’s birthplace.

When is it taken? There are the planners, and then there are the reactionaries. Planners will sometimes take months, even years to create the perfect plan. Then they’ll wait for the opportune time to enact their well thought out plan. Reactionaries don’t listen to the little voice in their heads that tell them what they’re about to do is a bad idea. They let their emotions decide that the time is right to borrow a weapon and exact some revenge.

Where is it taken? Revenge can be taken in the workplace, home, public places or in the digital world. It is often dependent on the when and what. It’s sometimes a secondary consideration, opportunity or planning usually dictates the where.

Why is it taken? The hurt or wronged party may think that revenge is the appropriate response, or they think that there is no other resolution to their situation other than to exact their revenge.

Genghis Kahn famously took revenge on an Emperor who had killed members of a trade mission. I had mentioned the river being rerouted, but the governor of the region where his trade caravan was killed had it far worse. He was killed by having molten silver poured down his eyes and mouth.

The best forms of revenge:

  • Forgive the person.
  • Being successful.
  • Living well and being happy.

Keep those things in mind, and go out and get revenge.

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