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What happens when you die? What is on the other side?

Most people have an opinion or a strong belief on the subject. There are some people that have come back from a near death experience that tell tales of white lights and tunnels. Maybe they remember someone encouraging them to walk towards the light? But they’re not able to remember exactly what had happened to them.

Malcolm Fisk has hit rock bottom. His pregnant wife has just been killed. He’s positive that he knows who did it, and he’s desperate to deal out some revenge with the aid of a borrowed rifle.

Jerry Dance feels that he’s often misunderstood. But those that know him understand that he’s capable of doing very bad things. Jerry is about to learn a valuable lesson. No matter how successful you are or how untouchable you may feel, those things don’t make you bulletproof.

Past turmoil boils over into a violent, potentially deadly confrontation between two former business partners and friends. Malcolm Fisk and Jerry Dance are about to find out the answer to the age old question.

What happens when you die? What is on the other side?

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